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[ 暴君らしく ]

--A flower for the tyrant.

[ sore wa himitsu desu ]

いらしゃいませ~☆ 私のLiveJournalへようこそ!
Hello~☆ Welcome to my LiveJournal!

Tomorrow will also surely have more good things.

accepting life, alone time, astrology, astronomy, ball jointed dolls, bbc's sherlock, benedict cumberbatch, catharses, character analysis, city skylines, classical music, crimes of passion, cuddling under warm blankets, cuddly stuffed animals, cute things, daydreaming, drawing, emoting, enjoying life, fantasy, fascism, felines, flying, friendship, glowing lights, home, honesty, humor, idealism, imagination, inner warmth, inspiration, intelligence, john finnemore, kindness, lazing around, learning, listening, long rainy days, love, luck, magic, meditation, military uniforms, mood music, mountains, my parents, nice weather, odd things, old books, old love songs, orchestral performances, other worlds, peacefulness, personal space, philosophy, play on words, procrastination, radio towers, reflecting, relaxing, respect, right now, role-playing, science, serial killers, sherlock, silence, silent hill, singing, spacing out, spiritual growth, squiggling around, steampunk, stockholm syndrome, style, the enneagram, the lark ascending, thinking, tom hiddleston, traveling by train, video game background music, video games, vintage style, walking in the rain, warm baths, warm fuzzies, wisdom, writing, , , , カラオケ, スピッツ, ボーイズラブ, 京都, 今日からマ王!, 可愛い物, 同人誌, 富士見二丁目交響楽団, 少年愛, 幻想水滸伝ii, 恋する暴君, 日本, 日本語, 漫画, , 神道, 絶愛, 赤ずきんチャチャ, 間の楔, 関西, 闇の末裔, , 音楽, 高永ひなこ